How to Save a Relationship Tips

I’ve put together a list of tips from different resources that will guide you on your path to getting your relationship back on track.

I know that having your relationship crumbling before you is horrible… It’s probably the worst emotional feeling.. There’s nothing concrete and you feel as if you’re dead inside… But  you can help yourself get back on track!

Tip #1. Keep a positive mindset.  Couples get back together ALL the time, regardless of their situation.  Remember that.  Recite it.  Let it set you free.

Tip #2. Don’t be pushy.  The worst thing you can do is be pushy towards your partner and have them react negatively.  Don’t be pushy.  Be structured in saving your relationship.

Tip #3. Learn to communicate your ideas and points in a manner that is easy to be heard.  This ties in with being pushy.  You know how your partner is and you know how they react, you have to “sneak in” the relationship fixing stuff in a positive way so it’s taken much better.

Tip #4. Bring in the old great memories!  Go out together if you can and relive some of your memories that brought you together.  Remember how special you are together, and more importantly, remember WHY you are so special to each other.

Tip #5. Kiss!  It’s not surprising that most couples going through relationship toughness are barely physical.  Surprise your partner with a quick kiss!  Catch them off guard, make them say “wow, you’re spontaneous!” and get some butterflies going.  Your relationship is down, but you are not out!  Do some spontaneous kissing to mix things up!

Tip #6. Smile!  Smiling actually makes you feel better.  Smile at your spouse.  Make them smile back.  Things are tough, but you both are stronger together.  Delight in the fact that you can still smile at each other.  This will do wonders in small steps to getting back into a healthy relationship.

Tip #7. Kissing is great, and a wonderful step, but normal touch is very important too!  Touching actually causes chemical reactions inside your body!  Make sure that you set these off.  Remember why you are meant for each other.  Touch each other, make each other feel good.  Hug each other.  Hugging does wonders.  It’s the simple stuff that saves a relationship.

Tip #8. Seek counseling.  This may not be for everybody, but it does wonders for some on saving their relationship and marriage.

Tip #9. Talk with friends.  Having both sides being able to freely express themselves to friends can make things come full circle and have your issues known among each other.  Save your relationship by sharing your burdens with your friends, and having them help you through the tough times.