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Healthy Relationship Tips

Are you always looking for healthy relationship tips? Do you sometimes wonder whether you’re doing all you can to make the most of your relationship? Do you need help making love last? Most of us need some advice from time to time, and sometimes healthy relationship tips can come from unexpected places. Often, though, the answer is where you least expect it to be – inside yourself.

Start With a Smile

Have you ever noticed that a yawn is contagious? What about a smile? A smile that starts from the eyes and involves all the muscles of your face – in other words, a real smile, is contagious – just like a yawn is. People who see genuine smiles on the faces of others feel like smiling themselves.

One of the best healthy relationship tips is this: Smile at your partner as often as possible. Look in his or her eyes, think about how wonderful he or she makes you feel, and smile slowly. The response will be instantaneous, and negativity will melt away.


When is the last time you really stopped to listen to what your partner had to say? Actively listening to the person you care about most means participating in a conversation together. Listen to what he or she is telling you, and don’t feel like you’ve got to offer advice. If you understand, say so. If you agree or disagree, talk about why you feel that way. Really listening is one of the best ways to show your partner that you value his or her feelings, and it’s a great way to improve a relationship.

The Gift of Friendship

If you are not good friends with your partner, ask yourself why. The point of an intimate relationship should be to form a lasting friendship, and to create an unbreakable bond that can withstand anything. Healthy relationships are based on mutual trust and understanding. If you want to love each other, you’ve got to like each other, and that means being friends.

Everyone Needs Space

You, and your partner, need the space to be yourselves as individuals. Healthy relationship tips always tell us how to be together – but, how can we be apart? Take some time for yourself each day, and be sure to work on aspects of yourself that need improvement. Find a way to share what you’ve learned. By respecting boundaries and personal space, you respect each other as individuals. Healthy relationship tips tell us that respect is one of the finest aspects of love – so be sure to nurture it.


Last, but certainly not least, find time to spend with your partner each day. Even if you’re apart, make time to talk on the phone or chat online together. While you and your partner do need space and time to work on self improvement, you should never feel like you’re all alone within your relationship. Healthy relationship tips have proven time and again that spending quality time together strengthens bonds and helps us make it through tough times. So enjoy little moments together, and find new ways to appreciate the love you share.

Long Distance Relationship Tips

While a long distant relationship is unsavory to most couples, many couples succeed at it every day. Anybody who has lived a military life knows this, and one of the first long distance relationship tips they offer is to stay in touch. They will tell you that it is not only possible, but that it has some distinct advantages over traditional relationships. Do you find yourself facing the prospect of being separated from your partner for long periods of time? Would you like some experience for the long distance relationship tips from couples who have prospered from such an arrangement? Then the following tips and advice will help you approach this growing issue between couples.

Trusting soul mates

One of the biggest concerns in long distance relationships is the issue of trust. The truth of the matter is that if the relationship is a strong one, the issue of trust would not be a concern. After all, if a partner is going to stray from a monogamous relationship, does it matter whether it is with the next door neighbor or co-worker 1000 miles away? The obvious answer is no, if your partner is not a trusting soul mate, it really doesn’t matter the distance between you. All strong relations are built on the solid foundation of unwavering trust.

Open the lines of communication

Before the internet, with all of its “bells and whistles” of web cams and Skype, letter writing was the main source of communication in long distance relationships. The military learned early on that letters from love ones was as important to the troops as the ammunition they needed to carry into war. Letter writing is still one of the most important long distance relationship tips, and is a great way to communicate with your partner during long separations. Letter writing helps lonely partners reflect and think about the issues that bonds the relationship. The lines of communication are even better today with the internet, and any long distance relationship stands an even better chance when both partners have access to computers.

Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder

People who have been in a successful relationship for long periods of time all agree that every partnership needs a little separation from time to time. Some will argue that couples who see too much of each other is just as dangerous as long separations. As one military spouse who has been married for years once said to me, “I couldn’t stand it if he was around all the time.” The simple truth is that abstinence makes the heart grow fonder. When partners are reunited after a long period of time, the intimate relations they share are very intense and intoxicating. It is no great wonder that there is usually a rise in birth rates when soldiers return home from war.

Keep yourself busy

Some long distance relationship tips include keeping yourself busy while you’re separated. Again this tip comes from the advice of military spouses that have an in-depth knowledge of surviving long separations. Without exception, they advise the “stay at home” partner to volunteer to their community or return to school to keep them from the “stinking thinking” that tends to depress people with a lot of time on their hands. Other long distance relationship tips include reminding yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel and eventually your partner will return home, and you can enjoy each others time together more passionately.

Relationship Tips for Men

Have you any idea on how to keep a woman smiling? Below are some tips on relationship building that men need to know.

Tip #1: Be yourself. Since the beginning of time many men have felt that they were not good enough to attract a sexy, intelligent, beautiful women. So they resorted to deception rather than the truth. They put on an act. But little did those men know that a confident man is indeed the “sexy beast.” Have you noticed that you the number of times you’ve seen an ugly guy with a smoking hot woman? (Think Jay-Z and Beyonce!) This happens so often because she is attractive to the inner confidence he possesses over good looks.

Tip #2: Do the little things. Too often men concentrate on the big items, while appreciated, it is the little things which win a woman’s heart. What is your girl’s favorite candy. Why not buy her some and place it in her handbag with a little post it with a heart drawn on it. Does her car need a wash? If so, volunteer to take it to a car wash and get it detailed for her. Do the unexpected. And do it without expecting something in return. Remember, you are doing this because you love her!

Tip #3: Value her presence in your life. Many times men forget to remind their partner that she is an important part of his life. You need to occasionally remind her that she is special in your life. And that your life would not be the same without her.

Tip #4: Keep your wandering eyes looking forward when you notice an attractive woman. When this happens, the wandering eyes that is, your women oftentimes finds herself thinking you are comparing her to this other women. Biologically women are monogamous by nature and when they find someone their thought is this relationship will last until one of us dies. They are also picking you to be the father of her children. These things are essential for every women, so please respect that. Keep your eyes in the socket and prevent them from wandering!

Tip #5: Have a sense of humor. Here is where men and women are wired differently. Women indicate the #1 trait they look for in a man is a sense of humor, while men feel it is goo looks. So if you want to make your relationship long lasting, make her laugh. (Not just when you step out of a cold shower!!!!)

Tip #6: Seeking common ground. Take an interest in something she likes. Don’t just look for her to like what you life. This demonstrates a level of maturity which many men fail to develop. The immature man only seeks what they want. Don’t be that guy. Developing an appreciation and genuine knowledge of one of her interests will show her that your are something special.

Tip #7. Watch your appearance. So often when people first meet, they put on their best appearance. Bu once you’ve become a couple many men go to pot in terms of their appearance. They let themselves go because I’ve got what I want and I don’t need to do anything more to keep her. How far from the truth. On weekends, because you are not going to work doesn’t mean you can take a vacation from personal grooming. If you do, it just shows her you don’t care. Keep your good appearance at all times.

Tip #8: Become a part of her circle of friends and family. Women need validation that you are the right one from her family and friends. So it is necessary that you cultivate a good relationship with them. If you don’t, expect the negative impressions you’ve given her friends and family to seep into your relationship.

Tip #9. Be careful, she may be hormonal. Unlike men, women are subject to hormonal changes. You got to be sensitive to her hormonal changes and stay clear of any possible blow ups as much as possible. But always remember, it’s hormones.

Tip #10. Open up to new things and new adventures. No one likes a stick in the mud. They are so boring. Instead you should develop some new likes. Don’t just say no to any thing new just because they are new. There is an old saying, variety is the spice of life. Wouldn’t you rather be a spice in her life instead of a buzz kill!!

Long Distance Relationship Tips

So many long distance relationship tips can be found online and in print, and offered by concerned family and friends. If you are in one, chances are you’ve read and heard your fair share of advice on how to keep an LDR strong and lasting. Admittedly, being in a loving yet physically distant relationship with someone poses a unique set of problems, yet there are both practical and creative ways to address them. Consider these top three tips for people in LDRs.

1. Lay your cards on the table.

Long distance relationships occur more frequently than you think, so let the fact that even our grandparents had LDRs during the war reassure you that, indeed, there are ways for them to work out. One of the most basic yet practical long distance relationship tips is never to play it by ear. This means seriously talking about your expectations in your union, and how you plan to deal with being physically apart for a certain period.

Take the most important factors into consideration: frequency and means of communication, how to celebrate particularly important relationship milestones and occasions (such as anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas); and what your end goal is as far as the LDR is concerned. As well, it is good to set the parameters of your relationship status from the get-go: are you casually dating and open to seeing other people? Is it exclusive? Are you considered engaged and plan to marry as soon as you are physically together? Threshing things out so everything is clear may not sound very romantic, but it sets the grounds for how people in a LDR should conduct themselves, and make them realize what they want and expect from the relationship in the long run.

2. Shorten the distance virtually and creatively.

Be creative during the time you are physically apart. Yes, it requires more effort and perhaps a slightly bigger budget (for package deliveries, long distance calls, and air mail) compared to couples who live in the same area code or time zone, but to liven up a LDR, you must exhaust all means to make your partner feel that they are loved and thought about often.

The great thing about long distance relationship tips such as this one is that a LDR allows for extra mushiness between partners. So if you are a fan of music compilations, scrapbooks, fluffy stuffed animals, flowers, candy, and all the trimmings that can make your significant other wiggle with anticipation at the arrival of an air mail or package delivery, do it. Spend ample amounts of time chatting, talking on the phone, and looking at each other via web cam so always feel in sync with each other. Do not allow different time zones and geographical distance to make your relationship go stale and boring.